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Wild & Soft

Wild and Soft is a belgian company which creates absolute softest home accessories

At Wild & Soft, we do not
look at the world so seriously

What do our clients say?

Alexandra - Little Oak clothing Bucklebury

we LOVE everything

Sold out straight away. will be ordering more. Thank you!!

Manuela - Libreria MODERNISSIMA SNC

Customers for many years now, beautiful trophies and fast shipping!

Stéphanie - Les Mômes Latresne

very nice articles... I recommend

Marie - 39

Great products! Super quality and gives a nice addition to my daughter's bedroom.

Jackie - 33

Bought Felix the tiger for my son Felix. Keeps him safe in his bedroom ;-)

Milanh Tran -

A great brand to go and see. I love their animal trophies, their costumes and sincerely everything is MAGNIFICENT so go for it.

Caroline -

We love your bunny! My daughter made a little song, when she got it! Well done!

Wild & Soft Foundation

Wild and Soft cares about the planet and the animal kingdom. Therefore we set up the Wild and Soft foundation. This foundation supports 2 wildlife sanctuaries: The Zonnegloed sanctuary in our home country Belgium and the Cikananga sanctuary in Indonesia. We chose Indonesia, as this is the country where the Wild and Soft items come to life.

These wildlife sanctuaries take care of animals that are seized by illegal trade, private ownership, exploitation by entertainment business or research. In addition, many animals are also threatened by declining habitat and deforestation. The sanctuaries provide shelter and offer a safer place to grow, heal and recover. The animals mainly arrive in neglected state where they receive the professional care they need to rehabilitate. We and the sanctuaries have an important task to raise awareness about housing exotic and non-domesticated animals to preserve nature’s future.

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